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Viability Estimates & Peer Reviews

QSetc work with Developers, Landowners and Planning Consultants to provide estimates in support of viability appraisals.  In addition, we undertake cost estimate peer reviews.  Schemes range in value from £200k up to £200m.

Viability Estimates

Scheme Values: £200k - £200m

QSetc work with residential developers to provide robust estimates to support any viability assessments they may have to undertake as part of the planning process. We prepare a bespoke estimate for each scheme, taking account of any project-specific abnormal costs, as well as using elemental rates which are reflective of market conditions, rather than applying a “blanket” benchmarked cost per unit approach.

Site Plan
block of flats

Peer Reviews

Scheme Values: £2m - £200m​

QSetc work with landowners (including Local Authorities) to review estimates for the development of sites, including costs associated with the infrastructure (off plot) and plot specific build costs, to determine the extent of affordable housing (or other contributions, such as Section 106) that the developer should provide under any planning consent.

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