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Commercial - New Build



(via Barclay Phillips Architects)

Development Location

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Development Value


QSetc Service

Quantity Surveying

QSetc Project Date

Ongoing (since March 2023)

The Development

Scheme 1

The proposal is to construct two industrial units each with a gross internal floor area of 4,544m2.  Between the two units, is a covered space, open at both ends.  One of the buildings is to be used as a manufacturing facility and the other for finishing the Kingspan Klargesters.  

Scheme 2

The proposal is to construct one industrial unit with a gross internal floor area of 4,962m2.

QSetc Service


Service Delivery

Client Follow Up

Scheme 1

The provision of a detailed Cost Plan providing a fully measured breakdown of the two main buildings, infill building and a associated external works.  The Cost Plan also included some elements of specialist fit-out such as the overhead gantry cranes, which will be built into the fabric of the buildings.  A schedule of proposed cost saving opportunities identified by QSetc was also included within the Cost Plan.

Scheme 2

An update of the original detailed Cost Plan to reflect the removal of one building and the increased size of the assembly building, together with a new modular office building and recladding of the warehouse.

Within two weeks of receiving the design proposals from the Architects.


Within 5 days of briefing by the Architects.

The Cost Plan was presented to the Client and various cost saving opportunities were discussed.  Following the presentation, the Cost Plan was updated to reflect a number of the proposed savings.


The Cost Plan was presented to the Client's Board who have advised that they are considering the timing with regards to the commencement of the development.

QSetc supported the following companies on this Project

Barclay Phillips Architects.jpg

"Barclay+Phillips is a well established RIBA Chartered Practice with offices located just outside of Salisbury. Our experience includes designing for commercial projects, residential of varying scales, urban design and a strong skill set in creative reuse in conservation areas and listed buildings."

(Quote from Barclay+Phillips Website)


"Across the world, our teams work every day to make high-quality products that tackle the energy and climate crisis.  Since very early in our history, we have pioneered market-leading solutions for energy conservation in buildings. We believe advanced materials and digitalisation hold the key to solving the challenges facing the global construction industry."

(Quote from Kingspan's Website)

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