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Commercial - New Build/Refurbishment


Bath & North East Somerset Council 

(via BBA Architects)

Development Location

Keynsham, Bristol

Development Value


QSetc Service

Cost Planning

QSetc Project Date

August 2023

The Development

The proposals are to refurbish the existing cafe and associated toilet facilities to provide a more modern and welcoming environment.

QSetc Service


Service Delivery

Client Follow Up

The provision of an Budget Estimate to provide the Client with an indication of the likely cost of the scheme.

Within 2 days of receipt of the drawings from the Architect.

The Client is now considering whether to demolish and rebuild the facility to current standards.  QSetc is awaiting further instruction in this regard.

QSetc supported the following companies on this Project


"We pride ourselves on working closely and collaboratively with clients, and strongly believe that we cannot create a successful design without understanding how it will be delivered, developed and used through its life-time."

(Quote from BBA's Website)


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