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Residential - Refurbishment/Extension


Thackeray Estates

Development Location

Reading, Berkshire

Development Value


QSetc Service

Cost Planning

QSetc Project Date

April 2023

The Development

This development consists of vertically extending the existing building by a further two storeys to provide six apartments; three studios, two 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom on the 4th & 5th floors, with a gross internal floor area of 342m2. 

QSetc Service


Service Delivery

Client Follow Up

The provision of an Estimate in support of a Viability Review, as requested by the local authority.

Within five working days of receipt of the drawings from the Architect.

The Client was satisfied with the Estimate.  No further action was required.

QSetc supported the following company on this Project 

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"Thackeray Group is a leading property development, investment and asset management business with a track record of regenerating sites – often rich in heritage – into high quality mixed use spaces which benefit local communities."

(Quote from Thackeray Estates' Website)

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