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Residential - Various


Confidential Client

(via Enzo Design Studio)

Development Location

Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Development Value

£500k to £1.1m

QSetc Service

Cost Planning

QSetc Project Date

February 2023

The Development

This development provided a range of options from a 'gentle' refurbishment through to a full demolition and replacement of the house with the five new holiday chalets.

QSetc Service


Service Delivery

Client Follow Up

The provision of Order of Cost Estimates for seven different options, ranging from a 'gentle' refurbishment, through to a full demolition and replacement of the house, along with five new holiday chalets.

Within one week of receiving full details from the Architect.

A 'virtual' meeting with the Architect and private client to run through each of the options.  The development is currently 'on hold'.

QSetc supported the following company on this Project 

Enzo Design Studio

We are a full-service design and build company committed to creating sustainable and efficient buildings. We understand that a house is more than just a place to live, it's where families create memories, and it should be built to last and be comfortable for many years to come.

(Quote from Enzo Design Website)

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