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Residential - New Build/Refurbishment


Homes England

(on behalf of WWA)

Development Location

Torquay, Devon

Development Value


QSetc Service

Independent Monitoring Surveying

QSetc Project Date

Ongoing (since August 2021)

The Development

The development will provide 22 new houses together with 68 apartments, providing a mixture of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom dwellings over 13,750m2.  A significant element of the works will involve the refurbishment of Grade I listed buildings on the site into residential dwellings.  

QSetc Service


Service Delivery

Client Follow Up

Monitoring the development with regards to build programme and build cost to report to the Lender (Homes England).

The provision of an Initial Report outlining full details of the Scheme; the developer, build budget, insurances, and loan facility.

Monthly visits to site to report on progress and build expenditure, and the identification of any risks to the development.

Delivered within two weeks of receipt of all the project-related information from the Borrower and an initial site visit.

Delivered 2-4 working days following the site visit.

Further clarification of elements within the Report(s) may be required by the Lender (Homes England) which are addressed either over the phone or in a virtual meeting. 

QSetc works with the following companies on this Project 

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"As the government’s housing and regeneration agency we believe that affordable, quality homes in well-designed places are key to improving people’s lives. We make this happen by using our powers, expertise, land, capital and influence to both – bring investment to communities and get more quality homes built."

(Quote from Homes England's Website)

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"We deliver quality design-and-build, new-build, restoration and refurbishment buildings over a diverse range of projects, up to a value of £100 million."

(Quote from PG Group's Website)

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